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Free Lunch Every Sunday 11:30am - 1:00pm
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We have had a free lunch for anyone who is hungry since December, 2009. When we first started the lunch we called it "stone soup". John Horner had a stone show up in his garage that had the word "Change" engraved on it. He asked all his friends if they had put it in his garage with no positive answer. We decided to use the stone and began our Stone Soup Lunch. We have added more than soup to our lunches since then and now include all kinds of great meals. We have some really good cooks in our congregation! The first week we had 1-2 guests, as of Feb. 2012 we average about 30-40 guests. Our mission is to feed the hungry with both food and the word of God. If you or anyone you know is in need, please come and join us.